Mumbai to Paris in Etihad Airways

Mumbai to Paris in Etihad Airways

Mumbai Etihad check-in

So after fixing the itinerary what’s the immediate thing one should do? Shopping! Purchase a backpack, if you are there for 10 days then 40 liters bag will be sufficient as you would want to travel light. Then what all things should be in your backpack?  Clothes, Camera, some daily needs and some snacks. Keep less clothing and more undergarments as you might not get a place to dry your clothes. I put 4 t-shirts, 2 Jeans, and 5-6 undergarments. Taking snacks with you will help you cut down your expenses and save your time. Take chocolates (snicker packet) and dry fruits and other Indian snacks if you want to. With a backpack, a handbag becomes handy where you can put your important documents like passport and other identity proofs(at least have 2 proofs), reservations print out and little snacks.

 The backpack was all set, the departure day came, on that day I worked from home(Pune) for the first half and took a bus to Mumbai. My flight was scheduled at 9.35 pm.

It’s always better to reach early for an international flight. Try to reach 3 hours before your departure. I reached 4 hours before and had costly coffee and sandwich at the airport to start the journey with.

After luggage drop and security check-in, you have to undergo interrogations at the immigration counter. Be confident there and reply their answers calmly, don’t rush.

The immigration officer that I encountered was a very funny guy asked me about reason for visiting Paris, I told him Rafa Nadal, French Open and he was surprised, and said you are insane man “Yar TV pe hi dekh lete Itni door kahe ja rahe ho (Why going so far for just only tennis, TV is the best option)”. But he didn’t know what all things were going in my mind, how excited was I for seeing my ideal Rafa.
At Mumbai airport, you can find big tabs for surfing internet. You can buy internet plan after half an hour of free surfing for 50 INR only. I searched many places to visit in my itinerary there while waiting for boarding.

At chhatrapati shivaji international airport Mumbai
Net Surfing tabs at Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport Mumbai

First Boarding in Etihad Airbus

After waiting for some hours I boarded in my first international flight The Etihad Airways. It was an awesome environment there, nice interiors, good entertainment facilities and above all beautiful air hostesses that I only saw on television.
In entertainment facilities at Etihad, you find a range of English and Bollywood movies and serials and you can also opt for Flynet that is the internet while flying for around 10 Euros. Apart from entertainment on your seat screen, you can view the outside view of the aircraft as they have cameras installed.

Eithad Flight from Mumbai to Paris
Inside Etihad Airbus

It was an amazing experience to see take off of the aircraft in camera front of my seat. After an hour after take off they served delicious full dinner with drinks(They have a variety of drinks alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage). After having dinner I went for a nap. And after around 2 hours and 30 minutes pilot announced: “We are ready to land to Abu Dhabi Airport”. I had a connecting flight from there to my dream land Paris. 
For your connecting flight, you again have to undergo a security check, Abu Dhabi airport is more strict er than that of Mumbai.

Amazing Punjabi Family in Etihad

After the waiting for a couple of hours at Abu Dhabi Airport (The hub for connecting flights to Europe), I boarded an aircraft and a Punjabi Family joined me.

Enjoying with Paji

Soon we started talking to each other and they made me more comfortable in aircraft(like they told me to ask air hostesses whatever you want don’t hesitate). After some time staff served fruits and snacks which I refused as I was feeling sleepy and went again for a nap. In no time it was the beautiful morning which I could peek through my window seat, the clouds, the sun, and abode. Air hostesses were ready to serve breakfast. Soon pilot announced, “That we are preparing to land to Charles De Gaulle Airport Paris”. And I got goosebumps by that announcement that Dreamland Paris is just coming, and by the way, I can peek outside and land is visible, I can see it. And finally landing done and had to say good bye to the beautiful staff of Etihad. 
CDG Airport is quite far from the Paris City.


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