Happy birthday Meghdivya :)

Happy birthday Meghdivya :)

Who Doesn’t like surprises

I was about to write the climax of Amsterdam and a Wonder Night post. Everyone was sleeping at home in Hyderabad. And suddenly I heard a boom sound like a balloon busted. And it was my sister in law and behind her was my brother.  It was 11:59 in the night and my big day was about to begin in 1 minute. I was in Hyderabad for past 2-3 days but didn’t get any hint of what they have planned for my big day. Within few seconds, I saw more balloons, cake with Chunnu (my nick name) as the title. I was delighted and astonished.


A big surprise by family

27th Birthday cake

You will be surprised to know that our birthdays (mine and my brothers’) are on consecutive days (25 and 26 July).  Since our childhood, we have been celebrating our birthday mostly on 26th July.

After I just cut the cake, I got delighted from getting a video call from my flatmates from Pune. We were missing each other that night (You know what happens when we celebrate birthdays at our flats in bachelorhood; GPL, dance, booze). But, surprise at 12 midnight from family, made me feel like I was in my flat. After sharing some pieces of cake, we did some awesome photography.

A Beautiful Gift

After clicking birthday boy pics, sister-in-law gifted me a cool hand-made wish card and a shaver (as I am a very lazy fellow). Front of the card made me very emotional at the moment. And inside, it was a very deep motivational message, that has given me a great motivation for this year. 

Dance Party @1 am

I thought now the party was over, it’s time to go to bed as my cute little niece was in deep sleep. But enthusiastic bro had some other plans. He switched on the TV and tuned some super Bollywood classic songs that he had in his hard disk. And we started with some crazy dancing steps on the song “Galla Goodiyaan” from the movie Dil Dhadkane Do. And continued with “Baby ko bass Pasand hai”  and other famous songs. We danced like crazy nuts for more than an hour. With God’s grace, my niece’s sleep didn’t get disturbed. After so much sweat and tiredness we decided to go to bed.

Meghdiyva Dance Masti
Meghdivya crazy dance

 Dinner at Sahib Sindh Sultan

The day couldn’t be ended better if we wouldn’t have planned a dinner at Banjara Hills. I am a foody and just love to eat north Indian food. We booked uber. I took the front seat and played with my gulbazo (cute little niece). After reaching city center mall, I took pics with gullo.

Chacha Bhatiji

We entered the restaurant with so much hunger. It’s actually a theme based restaurant. You will feel like you are in a luxurious train. You will be delighted hearing actual announcements after regular intervals. We ordered some north Indian cuisines off-course, that contained 2 dishes of Paneer, as I and my sister-in-law are obsessed with paneer. But, the cuisine that impressed me more than Paneer ones was Palak Mali Kofta. I would strongly recommend you to have it if you happen to be there because that was just amazing. Finally, we stuffed our belly so much that food settling took 15 minutes or so :D.

I thank the Almighty for giving me such a wonderful brother and family.

Guys, I know you are getting very curious about what happened in the bar club in Amsterdam. Stay tuned with me, the secret of the red light district is coming soon.


  • Harjyoth

    July 28, 2017 at 4:20 pm Reply

    Ha ha it was nice to see bday dance specially……reminds me of gurukul masti……by the way ur improving day by day n so regular in posts….. Sryyy i got delayed for few of your posts… Willl definitely catch them soon….

    • sugandh

      July 29, 2017 at 8:23 am Reply

      Thank you di very much 🙂 And better late than never. Will keep posting.

  • Muralidhar

    July 31, 2017 at 11:12 am Reply

    Dear Chunnu… Nice narration of your birthday events.. you are blessed with a good family..

    • sugandh

      July 31, 2017 at 11:14 am Reply

      Thank you so much Sir 🙂 Yes I am very blessed.

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