Megh-Varsha Connection

Megh-Varsha Connection

Kanpur, 2009

“Can I call you Megh (clouds) from now onwards?”. (Reference: Previous Post)

I was looking again and again at this message on my mobile and deducing something new every time. “Does she mean it? Or is it just a game I am a part of? Or it may be just a dream”. After few minutes, mobile blinked again with a message flashing “????”. I had to give some answer now. Still recovering from anxiety and numbness, I replied, “Yes, I would love to hear that”.  And after that, we had more than a hundred messages exchanged about Megh-Varsha connection. If I remember correctly, the whole night I was reading the complete chat repeatedly and the same continued for more than a week. 

I was in a state of a dilemma “Am I in love or is it just infatuation?”. But for the first time in life, I was having these immense and special feelings for a girl. The feelings and emotions aroused the artist in me. Has it ever happened to you? Your creativity comes out like anything when you are in love or such attachment for the first time.

A song from my heart

I started giving attention to lyrics of songs I generally tuned in to. I also tried singing some old romantics by Mohd. Rafi. Above all that, I also registered for a singing performance at our college function “TAAL”. You can listen to one of the college time recordings below that I did for one and only Varsha (Caution: It was recorded in my room with karaoke running on my desktop speakers, while I was struggling with adjusting speakers correctly, and my mouth close to mobile. It might give you a feel of a song running on radio)

It was not the end of creative works. I also rendered myself into painting. Oh! not on canvas, dear. I did it on my mobile using a stylus (that time there was a craze about stylus). Thanks to FB for reminding me of this pic while I was in middle of writing this post.

Megh painting
2009, Megh on a boat in the rains (Varsha)


A little hiccup

Now I wanted to meet her badly as I wanted to impress her with my creative works. What we had so far was just a one-night long conversation. So I thought “Time has not yet come to ask for a date”. We hadn’t even started voice calls yet.

For few weeks, I didn’t receive any reply for my messages from her. Finally, one fine night my patience broke. I gathered all my courage and called her. After ignoring 2-3 times, she finally picked up and replied very casually that she was very busy with her office work (she was studying too) and some family issues were also going on. I was trying to soothe my mind but my reasoning was not allowing me to do so. I asked her “Despite having so many hours (may be 200-300 hours) in your hand, you didn’t even have meager 5-10 seconds to give me a single reply?”. But somehow she convinced me in believing her story. So at that instant, I didn’t ask her for a date. I convinced myself “She may be going through a bad time, I have to give her some time to recover”. 

Pursuit of Happiness

Kanpur 2010,

Winter had come, it was the month of January. I was enjoying my life with my friends, tennis, and studies. And, one day I received a “Hi” from her. I was totally surprised. Without thinking much I called her and asked about her well being. She seemed very cheerful. I was very happy to know that she was back in form now. So I thought “Should I bring it up now?”  and finally with some hesitation, I asked her, “I want to see you and spend some time with you?” Any guesses what she would have replied? That “Yes” in reply was a “Pursuit of Happiness” moment for me. She asked me to come over on a week day. I was pretty cool with any day as my dear friends in college used to help me every time with proxies in such odd situations. But this time, I was in quite an even situation.`

I remember, I wore a red sweater with a white and black scarf on that beautiful sunshine morning. I asked my room mates and many friends whom I met on my way,”How am I looking?”. With so much of excitement, I tuned into Mohd. Rafi s songs and boarded my first bus to Lucknow.

There could not have been a better start of my new year than this. Guys stay tuned with me to know about the amazing day with Varsha in Lucknow :). (Next Post)



  • Prateek

    August 6, 2017 at 7:13 am Reply

    Very well written as the story seems quite interesting and beautiful, love to read the next part of it !!

    • sugandh

      August 6, 2017 at 7:26 am Reply

      Thank you so much Prateek 🙂

  • Kuldeep

    August 6, 2017 at 7:20 am Reply

    As I read through more of your blogs, I get such soothing pleasure..the tone of your story sets my mood in such a way that i want to read them more and more…I just hate it when u leave any story incomplete and eagerly wait for the next one..keep writing and keep spreading happiness…thx bro Sugandh!!!

    • sugandh

      August 6, 2017 at 7:25 am Reply

      My dear friend and Milord, first of all, thank you for your so cool reviews. It’s getting really tough for me to steal time to write my story in my busy schedule. I will try to be as fast as I can be from now.

  • abhishek soni

    August 6, 2017 at 7:34 am Reply

    And the suspense continues……………….

  • Ayush

    August 6, 2017 at 11:41 am Reply

    suspense banana seekh gye ho mishra ji !! har blog me aise hi cut lete ho…….. 😉

    • sugandh

      August 6, 2017 at 11:57 am Reply

      Thank you Aayush.

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