Megh Varsha on a date

Megh Varsha on a date

The First meet-up

With ear phone plugged in, cheers on cheeks and mind full of romantic thoughts, I didn’t even realize when I arrived Lucknow. But on hearing the announcement of my stop, my heart started pumping harder. She was right there resting on her Activa with full face covered with a scarf and a helmet. Even in such a cloudy situations, I was quite sure about my moon. I could see the spark in her eyes. We did a firm handshake. She told me to sit behind her. That was an OMG feeling. I requested her,”Let me drive”. But she refused. I was recalling the scenes of recently released Bollywood movie “3 Idiots” in which Kareena Kapoor drove a Scooty.

We had already planned to spend the complete day in a mall located on the outskirts of Lucknow. So was it now. During the ride, my senses were free many times. I was smelling that light perfume. Awesome! But, more curiously I was waiting to see my unclouded moon. As we entered the mall parking, I just couldn’t wait to see her face. Finally, I got to see her cheerful smile that made me numb for few seconds. “Wao, beautiful…..”, clouded my mind. She waved her hand around my face and asked: “What happened, dear?”. I replied after clouds were off my head “Oh yeah all fine, let’s go!”. We were confused on what to do next. I suggested, let’s watch a movie. We went to the box office. The booking man teased us and asked, “2 corner seats, Sir?”. We were looking and smiling at each other. Hesitantly we said, “OK”. 

Actually, I don’t remember the movie name, as it was quite a boring Bollywood movie. Also, I didn’t have any interest in it. My complete time and attention were drawn to her. I was fully lost in her expressions. After the second half, our hands were deep in the big bucket of popcorn. We couldn’t move our hands. I wanted to hold her hand. But innocent me kept me away from this silly but desirable thought. Oh, I forgot to tell you something special happened during the half-time break.

Emotions at peak

I captured my emotions in a short poem when she was not answering my messages (Ref: Megh-Varsha Connection). I gave her a violet color friendship greeting card with this poem inside along with a  chocolate attached to it.

Dekhta hu jhank kar dil me main
Tera pyara chehra dikhta hai

Phir yaad aata hai mujhko
Asli chehra dekhe guzar gaya arsa

Lagta hai unke dil me
nahi hai koi bhi halchal

Idhar ibadat kar leta hai
chahe mandir, maszid ya ho madrasa

Bharosa hai mujhko
wo mera dard samajh paati hai

Pata nahi phir kyu
Mujhko itna dia tarsa

Kyun Varsha, Kyu Varsha, q VeR&H@

After reading this, she got little emotional and assured me that this would not happen in future, Megh. 

After the movie, we had little snacks and some interesting chit-chat. I was not getting at that time “Am I on a date? Is it a casual friendship meet? Or something else!”. But now when I look back considering that first time meeting, I am sure, the day spent like that couldn’t be any better than that for me. It was really tough to say good bye and separate with her on that day.

Pursuit of Happiness

Crazy me

Spring 2010, Kanpur,

I was busy with studies and assignments. I got a ping from her. She said, “I am on a train and going to Kota.” I replied, “Great, enjoy!”. She asked teasing me “Aa jao tum bhi (you too come)”. And guys for your surprise, I said, “I am coming”. The train was scheduled to go via Kanpur (originating from Lucknow). So I calculated, She will reach in an hour and a half at Kanpur. I had to reach Kanpur station in one hour and collect the ticket. I packed my small bag with one pair of clothes and took a shared auto to Kanpur station. With thousand odd bucks in my wallet, I reached to the ticket window and purchased a general ticket worth around 200 bucks. 

Kanpur to Kota

While waiting at the platform, I messaged her, “Tell me your coach and berth number”. She was dumbstruck, “What???”. The train finally arrived Kanpur and I gave her a huge surprise. She was just looking and smiling and laughing at me, again and again. That moment was ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ moment for me. While the emotions were flowing away, TT suddenly came and asked, “Ticket please?”. Now I got a little frightened after pinning my ears on some harsh words coming from him. “How the hell you entered in AC with a general ticket?”. But I knew I could deal with him. He fined me with 750 bucks and allotted me a useless birth (which I was never gonna use).

We settled down on her side upper berth. Still looking at each other and laughing. We talked and talked whole night. What a night it was! So memorable, so wonderful, I can’t explain those feelings in words.

Dawn was about to break, and so was Kota. She said good bye and her brother came to receive her while I was hiding in another coach. I had never been to Kota earlier and couldn’t answer some basic questions “What should I do now? Where should I go?”. Also, I didn’t have enough money to book a hotel or cottage or even my return ticket.

Guys stay tuned with me for knowing what happened next with me in Kota. (Next post)Next post)


  • Ayush

    August 10, 2017 at 10:05 am Reply

    what an amazing read it was!!!!!!!

    • sugandh

      August 10, 2017 at 10:33 am Reply

      Thank you so much Ayush 🙂

  • karishma

    August 13, 2017 at 7:42 am Reply

    awesome.. loved it

    • sugandh

      August 13, 2017 at 7:48 am Reply

      Thank you Shalini 🙂

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