Megh Heartbreak

Megh Heartbreak

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Kota 2010,

I was standing at Platform Number 2 (PF#02) and thinking for a solution. I started thinking who can extend help in this dire need. I started flipping contacts on my phone book. Hurrah! It immediately stroked my mind that I have one distant relative (Bhaiyya-Bhabhi) right then living in Kota. How on earth could I miss my loving Bhaiyya-Bhabhi, it might be the result of deep affection which was deepening further in train and stealing my mind and senses. I called Bhabhi and said, “Surprise Bhabhi! I am in Kota.” My witty Bhabhi had a lot of questions, “How come? When? Where are you right now?”. “I will tell you everything, just give me your address”, I said.   

Bhaiyya came to receive me at Kota station. I reached home and Bhabhi gave me a witty look with lots of questions hovering her head. She broke her silence and asked, “Dal me kuch to kala hai (something is fishy), Chunnu. Anyway, we have the whole day to discuss it. You go and refresh yourself”. There was another bigger hurdle. It was to convince my mother with a believable story about my visit to Kota. I asked Bhabhi for help. I requested her to call my mom and cook some story for me, as I was afraid of my mom. She could have got a hint and sensed what was going on. Most of the times moms can guess about what their talented sons can do on this earth. But this time, Bhabhi took over and somehow convinced my mom. It was a big relief. 

Actually speaking, my Bhaiyya-Bhabhi did not only come to my rescue, rather gave me a king-like-home-treatment.

My Bhabhi was very keen to know about how on earth could I suddenly be there in Kota for nothing. Obviously, there was something which I was hiding. So next day during lunch, I told everything to Bhabhi. After spending few days with them, I came back to Kanpur.

Friendship Day

It was August and Friendship Day was very close. I was very excited to meet her again. I called her and she agreed. This time somehow I got the courage to go to her home. I reached Lucknow at around 3 in the evening. We had decided to meet at 4 pm at her home. I went to her home at the exact time. I met with her family but I didn’t get a very warm welcome. But as it always happens in Science, there was an exception. No! it was not HER, this time, it was her brother who was already my good friend.

Two hours were passed at home. But I didn’t even get either of her glimpse or message or call. Her family was already having a plan for a party in the night and they did not want to include a little-known stranger. They started giving me a non-verbal hint, “Man! please leave, don’t destroy our party”. I brought a Friendship Day gift (a friendship day card and chocolates) for her which, in a rage, I gave to her brother telling that it was for him and left their home in dismay.


I was fully disheartened. In disappointment, I reached Lucknow railway station. I queried for trains there. On not finding the right timing of trains to Kanpur, I decided to go to the bus stand. But while I was returning, I saw something that made my situation even worse. My heart started pumping ten times rigorously than normal. I saw a girl walking with a boy. The boys’ hand was on her shoulder. They were too far from me. I was soothing my mind, “No! she is not Varsha”. But, I started following them to clear my doubt. And, the virtual NO became a real YES and broke my heart into pieces.

I waited some time for the boy to leave. And, she finally came to parking stand. Controlling and hiding all my emotions, I casually said a hi. And she was dumbstruck to see me there. She couldn’t reply anything. First I asked her, “Why didn’t you come to home at 4? I came all the way from Kanpur just to have a little meet up with you on this special day”. She gave me a petty excuse with which I was not even one percent satisfied. When I asked, “Who was he?” She surprised, “Who, What?”  I said, “You know Varsha, What am I asking?”  She tried her level best and replied very very casually, “Oh, that was my friend. I came here to drop him”. I didn’t believe her and immediately left.  


Now I needed some good company and support to come out of this turbulence. I queried at Lucknow station for trains again. But this time, it was to my home town Aligarh, not to Kanpur. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one. I was unable to divert my mind to some other topic. I was just thinking about her, thinking bad and even worse. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I rushed to the bus stand immediately and hurriedly occupied a seat in an AC bus. I even forgot that I was damn hungry. So I purchased a mango fruity and a patty. I headed to Kanpur. I reached there at 12 mid-night. Near my rented room, there was a pack of dogs. So, I had to undergo a dogs chase. This was good for me at that time because of it, at least, diverted my mind for some time. I called my best friend Nishant, who lived in the house next to mine. He came via rooftop connection of two houses. I narrated my tragic story. He tried soothing my mind. He started his own story too, “It has happened with me too, don’t get too emotional for someone whom you don’t know fully. And don’t be judgemental and possessive.”. But I couldn’t attain peace. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. In search of peace and to bring back my serenity, I thought of going home. Early morning 6 am, I was at Kanpur Central, waiting for Gaumti Express. I was heading to my home.

The story doesn’t end here guys. There is a lot much remaining. Stay tuned with me. 🙂  (Next Post)


  • Nitin sharma

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  • Anupama

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    You definitely do have a flare for story telling Sugandh. Gonna go long way. Keep it up. 👍

    • sugandh

      August 12, 2017 at 1:09 am Reply

      Amen! Thank you very much mam! It means a lot.

  • Kapil

    August 13, 2017 at 3:40 am Reply

    Heart Touching

  • karishma

    August 13, 2017 at 10:08 am Reply

    same as mine with little difference.. moreover awesomely written

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