Talks with a motivational Speaker

Talks with a motivational Speaker

Hey guys,

Recently I got a chance to discuss some of the philosophical questions with a motivational speaker who has seen many ups and downs in his life. He has been practicing meditation for 16 years and continuing. He just opened my eyes to many aspects of life.

Question: Is there anything like inner/outer happiness?

Answer: It really depends on how we define inner or outer happiness. Outer happiness can mean joy that results from an outside event that you desire. Inner joy can be a pleasant emotional state or condition that always exists no matter what happens around you. So, inner joy can only result only when we rid ourselves of all expectations.

Question: An artist feels happy after getting some acclaim and rewards. Is it good for him to feel happy about it?

Answer: You don’t have to depend on outside world or stimuli to be happy. If you are expecting something from others then it could make you unhappy anytime in life. But if you are solely on yourself, love what you do and feel great about it then no one can snatch your happiness.

Question: What is Success?

Answer: When you are on the deathbed, it will be great if you can tell yourself, “yes, I spent every moment in my life in a way that every interaction, whether it be pleasant or unpleasant, was utilized to improve and evolve myself to be a better individual”. An analogy to this would be – a product can be considered successful if you can rid the product from all defects during its lifetime. It does not matter whether you started off perfect under all circumstances but will be important if you can use every circumstance to go toward perfection. This can be considered as the real success.

Question: What is the path of success?

Answer: You shouldn’t live for others but you live for your own evolution. It will be seen as selfish if we consider self-evolution to be self-centred. What if self-evolution results in actions that are selfless? The only path is the path of truth or righteousness.

Question: Once you said even great intellects can fail in life! What does that mean?

Answer: Being successful in life in this context does not mean coming up with many inventions or discoveries. Being an intellect, you might have a tendency to attach your reasoning and critical analysis to every aspect of life. But there are certain things that can only be understood by feeling what happens around you. Great intellects can fail if they fail to recognize this aspect.

Question: What if somebody doesn’t like my writing?

Answer: Sometimes, distractions are many. You need to stay focused on what you choose to get into and what will help humanity to evolve and unite.

Question: Which topics should I stick to?

Answer: There is no subject that is bad. We need to understand everything and be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Best Wishes: Good luck with your writing. When you write more, keep in mind that the topics will be read by people from diverse cultures and from all walks of life. You will sometimes need to keep that in mind when you start writing extensively. But, when you write for the good and write from your heart, you will always be correct. ~Anonymous

Guys if you are also in search of answers to some of your questions then you can comment in here. I will try to ask them to this anonymous motivator.

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