Talks with a Motivation Speaker Part 2

Talks with a Motivation Speaker Part 2

I was flooded with many questions after the first talk with a great motivational speaker. Through this post, I want to share another great experience with him.

Question: If you do some service with some expectation then is it null?

 Answer: We don’t expect something in return when we offer service. We do something because we believe in it. If we enjoy what we do, then it really does not matter. It is different though in the case of work where we earn to run a family.

Question: Can we overcome influence? Is getting influenced good sometimes? Or you shouldn’t get influenced easily?

 Answer: When it violates your basic principle or what you believe in, then it is not correct. Especially, in a certain situation, our heart knows what is correct but we go against it because we don’t want to hurt others or we are afraid that we will lose someone in the process. We should be bold enough under all circumstances to stand up for righteousness. If someone influences you for the good, then it is good.

Question: Struggle vs Sacrifice?Are they same or closely related or are they the same?

 Anwer: Struggle results when we meet resistance or an obstacle when doing something. There are always opposing forces that we come across on many occasions. Sacrifice is giving up one’s desires or what you like most for the benefit of humanity or a higher good.

Question: Can I become a better and better person and finally merge with Paramatma without doing meditation?

 Answer: If we closely observe, we commit mistakes because of incorrect perceptions that we have created within us. So, it is natural to believe that we need to look inwards to understand us more. Meditation is going inwards than looking for answers outside of us. It is like saying, we can build our health and physique without going to the Gym. The mind is an instrument and we need to use it to cleanse ourselves of all our wrong ideas and perceptions. In stillness, we get to see more of what we really are.

Question: When I am hit by external stimuli which I am not liking, I feel agitated, I want to be at peace at that time too..How can I do that? Is there anyway? Or it will come by experience or practice?

Answer: Reactions vs Response? Understand this thoroughly. This is natural and nothing wrong with it. It is perfectly normal to commit mistakes and get upset. Every situation or external stimuli is an opportunity for us to cleanse a defect inside of us. Sometimes, it might be a tough defect that requires deep cleaning and work. It is like a product that has issues. Some are simple to fix but some are really difficult and will require deep changes to fix the issue. Progressively, like a product evolves to become a better product and in some cases a completely new version of the product, we also will become like that once we change our perception toward issues that we face.

Question: I do Pooja daily? I do because my mom told me to. But I don’t have full clarity. Who is God? Aren’t persons who have done some tremendous job like Mother Teresa are God? 

 Answer: Should we know God to go toward becoming a better human-being and be at peace with ourselves? In the process of getting there, if we feel God, that is good. Our journey is a never-ending journey towards Infinity. We neither know the beginning nor the end….

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