An unplanned trip to The City of Lakes

An unplanned trip to The City of Lakes


After a refreshing weekend into the Jungles, waterfalls and a fort near Pune, another long weekend was near. I had no plans for it. On Thursday morning, I and my tennis partner had to go to practice, but unfortunately or opportunistically his phone was switched off. I usually make some of my dear ones wake up early morning if I am free. I called my beloved cousin Mr. Beats. He should have been in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. But, to my surprise, he was in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh that day. After few minutes of chit chat, he asked me to come to Rajasthan and had a meet up after a long long time. And opportunistic me immediately said, “Yes! Let’s meet in the city of lakes, Udaipur, Rajasthan which is 2-3 hours away from Bhilwara.

I immediately booked a waiting ticket from Pune to Ahmedabad in Duranto express train. From Ahmedabad to Udaipur, there is a good connectivity via bus.

Ganesh Utsav

It was a long weekend because of the grand and famous Ganesh festival in Maharashtra. In the evening, I got little late because of office work and my hopes of reaching railway station were quite less. My dear friend Abhishek’s bike riding skills made me reach the station just in time. “A friend in need is a friend indeed”  immediately clouded my mind. Kudos to Abhishek.

Having no service of ‘meals on wheels by IRCTC’ in this Duranto train disappointed me a lot when I was damn hungry. Vada pav at Lonavala Station rescued me.

A frustrated professional

I was in the middle of this story and someone poked me from the back while I was traveling in a bus to Udaipur from Ahmedabad. He asked, “Are you a blogger?”. I was in a dead silence for few seconds. “It has just been more than a month since my website is live. Have I accomplished something worth to say in blogging? Am I not a blogger? But…”. These questions were hindering me to answer a confident yes. Still, I replied, “Yes I am a blogger but not a full time one”. The next he fired was an obvious question anyone holding a laptop while traveling would expect, “Are you in IT?”. I said, “No! I work for a telecommunication software start-up”. He reaffirmed as if he got it right, “Haan vahi IT hi (Yeah, that’s IT right).

And after that, he became too open to me as if we were close friends since childhood. He told me, “I have also written some chapters about a camping experience. See how cool is this.” and extended his cell phone towards me. Reading between the lines I could judge that he had good writing skills. Actually, he was coming home without telling his boss about his vacations. He also told me, ” I am not sure whether I will go back again to that office.” I was dumbstruck when he said, “I had resigned three earlier jobs in the last six months that too in the very beginning of my career after completing MCA from VIT.” He was a frustrated professional who was in full on mood to say gratefully respected words for his boss. He also requested me to refer him to my company.

A very welcoming Udaipurian

After having enough of IT professionalism and time management topics, I tried to shift the topic. I asked him about the city of lakes, “How is Udaipur city and what are the best places to cover in 2-3 days.” He offered me to come to his home if I were alone. Apart from that he also seemed very curious to plan my itinerary and wander with me for upcoming three days. As a saying goes, “First impression is the last impression.” That man made me feel very great about our country and our culture again and it obviously left a great touch to my heart for Udaipur people.

There was an awesome turnaround of weather when I reached Udaipur. I started with scorching heat in Ahmedabad. While Udaipur City welcomed me with heavy rains. I enjoyed every bit of rain drops and got fully drenched before reaching my hotel.



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      Thank you Jr. Dubey ji

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    Good one.

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      Thank you, Juny 🙂

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    Interesting as always..

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