About Us

Why meghdivya.com ?

You would be little curious about how this blog got its name. We are two brothers who have an ultimate attachment, understanding and a belief that if we are together on a mission, we can do wonders. So we chose to connect our names to make our bond even stronger. I am Megh the younger one, on the right side of the image and my brother Divya, on the left.


I am a full-time software engineer working on the latest technological advancements in telecommunication. Apart from the tech side,  I am a tennis aficionado and passionate sport’s lover. Also, I am a travel enthusiast who is on a mission to explore the whole world. Singing is very close to my heart that makes my journey more pleasant.

I am getting a lot of questions why Megh? Your name is Sugandh. Guys here is the story behind it.


My elder brother is an electrical engineer working on distinguished R&D projects of Government of India. Music is his first love. He is a trained classical singer and a live performer. He is also a motivational speaker who is always ready to encourage people around him.

Our Goal through this Blog

We are in pursuit of happiness. We think that happiness is present in every particle of the universe. We are sharing our real life experiences through this blog on various aspects of life which made us delightful at some point of our life. If one’s life becomes better and happier by reading and following our blog, it’s purpose is served.

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