Tennis Practice at Dy Patil Stadium Mumbai

      Tennis Practice at Dy Patil Stadium, Mumbai

Rafael Nadal at Frech Open 2017 Final

Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros 2017 Final

I am a sports lover, a tennis aficionado and a die hard fan of Rafael Nadal. What I have learnt in my life is that following and pursuing  a specific sport with all your heart makes you physically and mentally strong. It boosts your energy when you are down in life and when you are already up it generates an adrenaline rush.

In my childhood I was a fan of cricket, used to play and watch cricket with my maternal grandfather. As I joined college in 2007,  a amazing thing happened to me. One of my best friend Nishant, a great fan of Roger Federer introduced me to one of the most thrilling individual sport, Tennis. And from then to now I am just crazy about it, to the level that my day starts with tennis practice and ends with a tennis video of my favorite king of the clay, Rafael Nadal.

Through this blog I would be sharing how I am pursuing happiness with Rafa and Tennis.

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